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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the currency of the Internet. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. You might be interested in Bitcoin if you like cryptography, distributed peer-to-peer systems, or economics. A large percentage of Bitcoin enthusiasts are libertarians, though people of all political philosophies are welcome.

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Nihilo Coin is easy to use, with a great development & research team behind it who are focused on bringing advanced technology and unique features to our community, which creates a stable network for web 3.0 infrastructure. Welcome to the future....

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Buy VPS With Bitcoin: The Top 10 List

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Buy VPS with Bitcoin

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Buy VPS With Bitcoin: The Top 10 List - Bitnewsbot

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Buy Dedicated Server, VPS with Bitcoin, Ethereum| PawnHost

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How to launch a VPS with Bitcoin, and why you should

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Sites to buy powerful VPS's with Bitcoin? (not for mining!)

Does anyone know of some reputable companies that provide fast VPS servers for BTC. By "fast" I mean that they can generate ~4 Mkeys/s.
In other words: what are the most powerful VPS's out there that one can buy with BTC?
I don't want to mine!!!
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Xitheon - How to buy an instant anonymous VPS with bitcoin

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Nice Anonymous way to Spawn instant Servers VPS with Bitcoin !

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Buy VPS with Bitcoin

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Services • Buy Sweden SSD VPS with Bitcoin | Support 24/7 | VIKHOST.COM

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buy vps with bitcoin anonymously?

where can I buy a cheap VPS with bitcoin and not need to give my real identity?
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Is there any place where I can easily rent a VPS with Bitcoin?

No creditcard and no sms verification.
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AWS based vps with bitcoin? US-East

Anyone know how one can buy an VPS hosted on amazon cloud (aws directly or reseller?) at the US-East location with bitcoin?
Are there any re-sellers accepting bitcoin?
Background requirement: Coinbase suggests using AWS US-East location for faster api access
p.s: Yes I know of Vultr, Chunkhost and Bithost.io none are running on amazon cloud
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[ANN] Litehosting.org - Buy domains and VPS with Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin

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Thanks for the wild ride

I bought about a month's salary worth of Bitcoin in early 2013 and cashed out my balance today. Why did I cash out? Well to start with, it's nerve-wrecking to have the majority of your portfolio stuck on your computer, on a client that took weeks to update the blockchain. Second, the amount of money I have now in Bitcoin is a lot if you're born in relative poverty like me. This turned into the kind of money that allows you to make a down payment on a house.
There are other reasons why I cashed out right now. To start with, activity on Google trends has peaked. These are in my opinion people who are planning to buy Bitcoin. If the activity in Google trends peaks, it's reason for me to believe we're in the middle of a bubble that's about to pop. I have faith in the relevance and usefulness of cryptocurrency, but I struggle to believe we're right now in the kind of position where this kind of technology is worth 100 billion dollar. Bitcoin is worth three times as much as all of the world's silver right now, that's kind of hard for me to believe.
In addition, I must admit my faith in Bitcoin has wavered. Is Bitcoin useful for certain purposes? Definitely. However, many of these purposes are now better served by other technologies. If I wanted to make darknet market transactions, I wouldn't use Bitcoin, I would use Monero, which has added anonymity built into its protocol. The colored coins idea was great, but it was implemented in Ethereum.
Some of the arguments I've heard about why the other cryptocurrencies have no future were once convincing to me but don't hold up in my mind anymore either. Bitcoin has the network effect, sure, but the network effect doesn't always eradicate competing technologies. For a technology to remain peer to peer, it's useful if the blockchain and the number of transactions remain small. There are advantages to scale, but there are also disadvantages to scale. As an example, a disadvantage that big cryptocurrencies have is that individuals can't mine them on their own computer.
Joe Kennedy figured out it's time to sell his stock when a shoe shine boy started giving him advice about it. This is kind of how I feel about Bitcoin now. Bitcoin had great growth potential when basement dwellers and weirdos who wear black eyepatches to pretend they're pirates told us it was going to rise to a value of a million dollar a coin. Eventually I had to help family and friends who are economically and politically disenfranchised like me buy Bitcoin, but now that establishment figures like Jim Cramer sit there on TV proclaiming Bitcoin will rise to 1 million dollar a coin, I suddenly struggle to believe it. If I'm really honest to myself, I have to acknowledge that even if Bitcoin will rise 500-fold in value, there are other projects out there that could also increase in value 500-fold. It's irresponsible for me to base my investment decisions on a near-religious devotion to this project.
I miss the days when everyone laughed at us and called us basement dwelling neckbeards, because those were the days I knew this project was still thoroughly undervalued by people with money. This no longer feels like a coin for people like me. A lot of us small holders actually had our balance wiped out by the Mt Gox disaster, others stepped out because we had enough to buy a house or stop working.
This now feels like a project in the hands of industrial moguls in suits who pay 1300 dollar just to attend a conference where decisions are made that we don't agree with. These experts have been wrong about everything, they're the kinds of people who simply laughed when Bitcoin was mentioned on TV before 2014. What leaves me most worried is that the concept of anonymity has disappeared. The project was founded by a person who remained anonymous and become popular through people who used it to anonymously make transactions. The people who stepped in now and run Bitcoin are corporate suits who are very eager to have their names heard and their faces seen. When Bitcoin is no longer anonymous, this means it has become part of the status quo.
I don't know who runs Bitcoin at this point either. This didn't matter to me in the past, but it does matter now that we don't agree with each other anymore on how to move forward. Is it the users? Is it the miners, most of whom are now a few industrial moguls in China? Is it the developers? Is it the corporate suits who run the exchanges and work with the regulators whose control we wanted to escape? I have no idea. It's one thing to trust someone, it's another if you don't know who you're trusting.
In addition, besides ideological issues there are troubles ahead that leave me concerned. I used to pay for my VPS with Bitcoin. I can't do that anymore now, the transaction fees would be far too high. If I wanted to do such a thing now, I would use a more obscure cryptocurrency instead, like Litecoin. In August, the Bitcoin protocol is going to be forked and nobody has any idea what the consequences of that will be. I don't want to sit through such a nerve-wrecking period and watch my net worth drop by 50% or more. If anything, I want to have money available that I can use to buy a falling knife at that point.
So, to reiterate, it's been a wild ride, but I've had enough for now. I sincerely hope the institutional investors and corporate suits stepping in now and taking over enjoy the product they purchased. I also hope that others like me who watched their investment balloon understand that there is no guarantee it will maintain its present value.
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Need advice on best VPS service for running a node

Just as the title says - I've made a few satoshis on the 437 forks since christmas and I'd like to plough some of that back into bitcoin by (a) setting up and running a node on a vps and possibly (b) eventually, after practising on testnet running a lightning network node. Figured it would be a fun opportunity to learn. I checked out digital ocean and couldn't really find a great price for vps that could handle the size of the blockchain. I'm guessing more than one of you is already doing this so I'm inviting suggestions for services I might want to look into. I'd really really prefer to pay for this vps with bitcoin too.
All and any thoughts welcome - thanks in advance.
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Watch as Bitcoin Benny and Arclegger chats with Evan, VP of Business Development at WAX, about NFT digital collectibles and KOGs on WAX

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Instantly launching a VPS server with Bitcoin @ Xitheon

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Bitstamp email list used to spread Mt.Gox malware

I have a domain that I use to create unique emails for signing up at all kinds of services. It's all explained at bustspammers.com. Today I received this email:
---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: [MtGox] Dear Clients .. From: "MtGox"  Date: Sat, March 1, 2014 12:29 pm To: "[redacted]" <[redacted]@bustspammers.com> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear MtGox Customers, Please sign the papers attached, we can complete the process of closing the account and send you what the balance to another Wallet Address. Sincerely , Tomas Karpeles 1 / March 2014 Download Documents 
This is the plain-text version. In the original HTML email, the "Download Documents" link led to a page on deseobc.com distributing malware (a .pif executable, they attempted to make it look like a .pdf). This means one of three things:
Knowing that many Bitstamp users likely were also Mt.Gox users and might be easy targets, provides an obvious motivation for a scam. I asked Bitstamp for comment, will update this post if I hear anything back.
eleuthria claims Bitstamp's email list has indeed been stolen. This does seem likely, since I also received this one a few days earlier to the same email address:
---------------------------- Original Message ---------------------------- Subject: Eobot - Free VPS Cloud Miner From: "[email protected]"  Date: Mon, February 24, 2014 9:07 am To: "[redacted]" <[redacted]@bustspammers.com> -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We've added the ability for purchasing Cloud VPS with Bitcoin Merchant. Please download the Cloud VPS Miner for more information! And enjoy with mining free 3 day's. -The Eobot Team (unsubscribe from future emails) 
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I want to build a dns sinkhole, any advice, tips?

A few months ago I purchased a domain that was a banking trojan CnC. The domain expired and I happened to accidentally pick it up before knowing what it was used for.
After buying the domain and sitting on it for a few months I decided to put cloudflare in front of the landing page. Just to see what kind of traffic the domain would be getting. I turned all cloudflare security off.
I am getting hundreds of unique hits from various countries mostly Russian and Ukrainian with a couple US hits a day.
I want to build a DNS sink hole to analyze the traffic to see what could still be reaching out, who could still be reaching out (banks? random infections?) Since cloudflare analytics doesn't give much information (free tier).
I work in Security for my 9-5. I know a DNS sinkhole can be sort of a grey area legally. My best idea is to buy and offshore vps with bitcoins, then deny all traffic from the US by GeoIP. The legal grey area still makes me nervous.
Can any of you give some insight on your DNS sinkholes? Maybe some articles on how to setup on or the 'best setup'? Any things to look out for or general advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Anonymous VPS Servers & Web Hosting with Bitcoin

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11-06 01:13 - 'With bitclouds.sh you can buy VPN, VPS, LN node, secure containers & more just for 66 sats per hour!' (self.Bitcoin) by /u/Reablaz removed from /r/Bitcoin within 1-11min

[[link]6 - anonymized container
[[link]7 - get VPN
[[link]8 - spin up TOR hidden service
[[link]9 - anonymous Telegram bot
[[link]10 - Lightning Network node
With bitclouds.sh you can buy VPN, VPS, LN node, secure containers & more just for 66 sats per hour!
Go1dfish undelete link
unreddit undelete link
Author: Reablaz
1: b*tc*in-s*f*ware.g**hub.i**bitbsd*cl*u*s/roots*ell* 2: b*tco*n-*of*war*.git*u*.io/bitb*d-**oud*/vpn/ 3: g*thub.com/*itcoin-sof*w*re/bi*bsd-c*ouds/****/mast*r*to*-hidd**-*e*vic* 4: bitc**n*so*t*are**i**ub.io/bi*bsd-c*o*ds*telegram-bo*/ 5: *ithub.*om/bitcoin**oftware/*it*sd***o*ds/tree*m*ste*ig*t*in*d 6: b*tcoi*-so*tw**e.gi*hu*.io/***bsd-clouds/ro**shell/*^*1 7: b*tcoin**o*tw*re.*ithub.*o*bitbsd-clou*s*vpn/]*^* 8: *i*hu*.*o*/b**coin-soft*are/*i*bs**cloud*/tree/*aste*/tor-*idden-*er*ice*^^3 9: *i*coi**s*ftwar*.git*u*.io*bitb*d-*lo*ds/tel*gra*-bot/]^^4 10: gith**.com/b*t*oin-*oftware/bi*bs*-clou**/*re**m*ste*/l*g*tni*gd]^^5
Unknown links are censored to prevent spreading illicit content.
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