Earn bitcoin by watching youtube videos

I can afford to lose

I first learned of Bitcoin in 2010, installed the client and got my first bitcoin from The Bitcoin Faucet. Thank you Gavin, I assume it was your property.
I fell down the rabbit hole after reading Satoshi's paper (read it about 10 times so far. It gets better each time). I enabled bitcoind's mining feature on my home CPU (and possibly my work machine) and managed to solo mine a block. At the time, they were worth about $0.50 ea. A few months later, and zero blocks found, I compiled some code that allowed me to mine using my nVidia GPU. Still no blocks. Welcome slush pool! Bitcoins were flowing again (about 1/week). At this point, I figured I could make some money at this (price ~$1.00), so I spent $170 on an ATI GPU (about 10 times faster than the nVidia).
Difficulty was increasing, people were building huge GPU rigs - I wasn't one of them. I bought a few coins through MtGox and a few more with paypal. But for the most part, I was happy getting about 1BTC/week on my ATI card. I wasn't ready to spend my "real" money just yet.
I "invested" some assets on GLBSE and put it into a mining company called BITBOND. Was feeling pretty good until GLBSE was shut down and lost 50% of what I invested. I guess Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BST) was a bad idea. But, hey we're just playing around with digital tokens. No worries, I could afford to lose it - maybe $200 worth at the time. Live and learn.
Bitcoin velocity started to increase with Eric's Satoshi Dice and Charlie's BitInstant. Up to $28... Have to buy more. Crash! Back to $2.00 and bailed. Lost another $200.00.
In 2012, I made some paper wallets and gifted all my family members some BTC for x-mas. They were worth about $13/BTC. I still keep an eye on the accounts with watch only addresses on Blockchain.info. Paper wallets were created with Diceware and Amir's sx/libbitcoin, pen and paper.
GPU mining was puttering out, so I spent $300 on a BFL 5GHz ASIC with paypal. I received mine in July of 2013, mined 2 BTC over two weeks, then sold it for $350 on ebay. The mined coins were worth about $300, so I doubled my money. The difficulty increases went lunar, and that BFL miner never mined another full bitcoin. Sorry e-bay buyer.
My mining days were over and Coinbase came online. Since then, I've been lazily buying $50/week using Coinbase's recurring buy feature. All the way up to $1200 and all the way back down to $170. I've been here before. Each time though, I have more coins than I had before - and that's all that matters to me.
Bitcoin's not made me rich. I'm not driving a Ferrari with BITCOIN plates... yet. I'm only in as much as I can afford to lose. It's been a fun ride.
To all the people and companies mentioned, and to all of you building the future, Thank You.
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 669 - Weekly Wrapup #89

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
This was your week in Dogecoin:
This Week’s oWaWs
Top Images/Memes of the Week
Other Dogecoin Communities
Dogecoin Attractions – Neat or interesting things to check out/ Take part in this Week
Other Interesting Stuff
Did I miss anything? Do you have a Dogecoin community you want featured? Let me know!
All of these places are seeds. Their potential is infinite. You do not have to ‘Leave’ Reddit in order to help build up these other communities.
But take part in them. Take part in one of them. Make it your own.
Each of these different communities offer Shibes different options, different speeds, different conversations.
What will you do there? What will you build there?
It’s 8:18AM EST and Sunday is FunDay, right? Right? Our Global Hashrate is holding at ~1410 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is up from ~23645 to ~24889.
As always, I appreciate your support!
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