"The Willy Report" blames bots for Bitcoin's volatility ...

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Teams. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. Most Bitcoin users experienced the MtGox disaster first hand or heard accounts of it from other users. Mark Karpeles -the chief executive of MtGox- is standing trial on charges of embezzlement and data manipulation in the Tokyo District Court. He has plead not guilty to these charges. What happened with MtGox: A Brief History MtGox […] Binance records “all green” for its top 100 coins signifying buying across the street. Ethereum ends a tough week with some mild greens. SEC pulls strings on ICO’s and airdrops as it fines Tomahawk Exploration LLC and its founder David Thompson Laur Quantitative Hedge Funds: Wall Street’s Own Mt. Gox Willy Bot(s)?The Wall Street Journal published an article on Tuesday, the gist of which was that computerized trading by quantitative hedge funds is to blame, if blame is to be assigned, for the dow A single-page blog called “The Willy Report” (removed in the meantime) has recently denounced an alleged plot to manipulate the price of Bitcoin through the use of bots.According to the report, authored by a cryptocurrency trader who claims to have analyzed several trading logs starting from November 2013, a bot named Willy is the one to blame for last year’s wave of volatility.

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6 Famous People Who Lost All Their Money And Went Broke

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