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Would you like to host our 2-way ATMs?

Dear Bitcoiners of Colorado,
EasyBit, LLC is the premier Bitcoin ATM company in the world. Our headquarters are located at the Denver Bitcoin Center in Colorado. We distribute, own, and operate bi-directional Bitcoin ATMs with a current presence of over 16 ATMs in 5 countries.
While most of our competitors are still struggling with getting their ATMs delivered, we have 3 bi-directional (that means capable of buying and selling Bitcoin) BitAccess ATMs in stock. They are currently operating at the Denver Bitcoin Center and waiting for their new homes.
EasyBit is fully compliant in Colorado with all the necessary KYC/AML/MTL requirements. With Guarda handling all of the cash logistics and (machine) maintenance, users/shop owners enjoy a hands-off experience.
If you have a business in or around Boulder and are interested in helping the Bitcoin community by hosting an ATM, do contact us. There is no cost to the shop owner; in fact, they will receive a percentage of the profits from the machine.
For more information, just reply to this thread, send me a PM, head over to, or stop by our office at Denver Bitcoin Center (M-F 9-5) and check out the machines!
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