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Earn bitcoins by altcoin trading on Cryptsy. Can earn nice profits even by using bitcoin faucet earnings.

My referral link for Cryptsy Exchange
Non-ref link
As bitcoins have raised so has there been a boom in altcoin prices as well, only with cheaper buy prices and larger increases.
If you watch the current news of altcoins on bitcointalk's altcoin board you can find out currencies to buy and what ones to sell rather easily.
Yesterday I decided that the bitcoins that I had earned from faucets weren't going to earn me any decent profit so I decided to try my luck trading it for altcurrency on an exchange.
On bitcointalk I read about a currency called Quark which had very quick transactions and had gained the interest of an economist. I noticed the price was less than a cent and decided to try to use my bitcoins to buy some.
For 0.00469056 BTC I bought 470 QRK. This includes the 20% transaction fee
Right now each QRK is valued at ~0.00004 each which makes what I bought yesterday currently worth. 0.0188 BTC.
That is a 0.01410944 BTC profit in one day from doing a little research. ~$13.5 profit.
By watching cheaper currencies you can turn your small amount of bitcoins into much larger amounts. For example today a coin called Stablecoin relaunched and removed the premining that people disliked about the coin. The people quick to the exchange bought at 0.00000336 and it is now valued at 0.00002898. A raise of 862% in less than a day.
ONLY risk what you are willing to lose.
The best sites in my opinion to get started earning from bitcoin faucets are since they can be opened in tabs and earn through minimum effort. Bitvisitor pays every hour and pays every money.
My referral link for
My referral link for
Non-referral Bitvisitor
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Using BitCoin faucets to collect VirtaCoin

While VirtaCoin is still cheap it is well worthwhile to collect BitCoins at the various BTC faucets and exchange them for VirtaCoin. I am working on a new feature that will automate the exchange! Simply put, you will get a special BTC address attached to your VirtaCoinWallet account. Any BTC sent to that address will be automatically converted to VTA in your VTA wallet at a rate of 1 satoshi = 1 VTA. So, all you will have to do is to put your special BTC address in the faucet and you will get VTA directly into your online wallet!
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hi, im from costa rica. i have been using bitcoin faucets in my free time for 2 years. i now have 40 dollars. :) /r/Bitcoin

hi, im from costa rica. i have been using bitcoin faucets in my free time for 2 years. i now have 40 dollars. :) /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

First instructional vid on using bitcoin faucets efficiantly could use feedback!

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Started using bitcoin faucets a few years back, now my BTC is actually worth a small amount, any other experiences similar to this?

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Go ahead and use Bitcoin faucet (via LN) on mainnet

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Go ahead and use Bitcoin faucet (via LN) on mainnet

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Any of you guys use Bitcoin Faucets for small amounts of money?

I've been using some faucets for the past day or so and have made 14 cents. It takes a bit of work but it pays off after some time. Do you guys use any bitcoin faucets? What kinds of payoffs have you been getting?
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Any of you use bitcoin faucets? If so what is your favorite and why?

I just learned about faucets and was wondering if they are worth using. Have any of you had any luck increasing your coin balance by using a faucet?
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Do people still use Bitcoin faucets?

Hi all.
I have been looking at starting to program with different Bitcoin APIs for some time now and I have decided a faucet would be an easy first task. Question is, do people still use them?
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Is it better to use Bitcoin faucets or use Amazon MTurk and use it to buy BTC?

I figure it takes about an hour or so to make 11,000 Satoshis if I do two coin faucets at the same time.
In that amount of time I could probably make all of 25 cents on M-turk (begrudgingly) and just buy more Bitcoin.
Which do you think is more efficient?
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Any of you use bitcoin faucets? If so what is your favorite and why? /r/Bitcoin

Any of you use bitcoin faucets? If so what is your favorite and why? /Bitcoin submitted by BitcoinAllBot to BitcoinAll [link] [comments]

How to Earn Bitcoin (BTC) Using Cointiply Faucet

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Why BAT is THE crypto project to own

Basic Attention Token is much stronger what a cryptocurrency project should be. The token is going to be distributed in many more hands than projects like bitcoin ever will.
Bitcoin is very unobtainable for the average person. In order to mine Bitcoin at a profit you need to make a sizable investment in equipment and even then profit isn't aways guaranteed because of the cost of electricity. For BAT you don't need to invest addition funds in hardware in order to earn a slice of the pie, you do it by agreeing to have a few small notifications pop up from time to time.
If I could go back in time one of the things I would make sure I did would be to use bitcoin faucets as often as I could. I can't believe some of the people who are complaining about how little BAT they have received. The supply may seem large at first, but I've heard of multiple people in this sub that have earned well over 100 BAT. Breaking up the supply only 15 million people can hold that much.
That number of users will be hit much sooner than you think. Brave already has over 25 million downloads on Android alone. If everyone of those users used Brave regularly and the entire supply was distributed evenly to them it would work out to about 60 BAT a piece. That's assuming no grow on the market, just current downloads for one type of phone. No desktop or iOS. Not counting smart TV's or any other content that will be a part of the BAT ecosystem for years to come.
BAT ads value for everyside of the equation, content creators, users and advertisers, everyone gets a more enjoyable experience than the do right now.
The user gets an enjoyable browsing experience without blacklisted content or popup ads. Ads that are more like a faucet that gives you free money. This money will be extremely useful overtime, it is already an apple approved currency. As the supply gets more scarce the amount people you earn during the early stages seem like a huge amount down the line. Some have earned over 100 so far. Now that support is being added to Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Switzerland, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ecuador, Israel, India, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Phillippines, Poland, Sweden, Singapore, Venezuela and south Africa I cant imagine people will be able to earn that much per person for very long. User count will really mushroom when plugins are made for other browsers.
The content creator benefits in many ways.
People will hold money they had no actual fiat expense to obtain. The money people receive this way psychologically has a much different effect than money they had to take out of their own pocket. People will gladly treat themselfs to small purchases. If I have a free version of the app and I have the option to upgrade for the ad free version for 3 BAT, I would be much more likely to do that rather than pay with it with money out of my own pocket.
Advertising click through rates are drastically higher via Brave than traditionally online advertising. People are going to be able to have immersive ads in a way that has never been done. Put someone in the immersive experience of honking a car horn and opening a trunk. That's going to be much more of an immersive experience rather than than a 20 second commercial before a video.
Eich is the name in crypto I trust more than any other, for many reasons. More people have heard about firefox and javascript than have heard of bitcoin. I think he has a wonderful leadership ability and I'm confident in the leadership of the BAT Team.
Eich never wanted to corner the browser market, he wants to create a complete shift in the way advertising is done in a way that benefits users and content creators more than the way their deal is currently laid out. BAT is much bigger than just the Brave Browser.
I'm amazed the big advertising companies haven't tried slipping hemlock into Eich's coffee.
So far I have donated all of the BAT I have received from advertising to fellow redditors. The BAT ecosystem is perfectly designed to work with reddit and reward people who entertained you or gave you really solid advice. It is the perfect way of saying thank you to people on here in a way that genuinely adds value to their lives, while not costing me a dime of my own personal finances.
If someone majorly helps me out, I have no problem giving them a reward. I used to come on here all the time and look for car maintenance advice, if someone saves me a trip to your mechanic, I'll throw you $5 for a sandwich. Someone on keto comes up with a recipe that I really like, I would give a nice tip for that. Someone gave me amazing fantasy football advice and I won a good amount of money as a result of that. It doesn't need to be exotic to be able to add a good amount of value to your life. Someone could tell you something as simple as an /LifeProTips approach that really helped you out. Subs could hold prizes with payouts for like photoshopbattles.
There is so much good advice on this site at times that I think the BAT ecosystem could help some of these subs really thrive. There are a million examples here of people giving helpful advice, and they should be able to be lightly compensated for the tremendous amount of value they add to someones life. Even if it may only be a simple step, it may have been one that you only learn after a tremendous amount of experience.
We find that common sense isn't always as common as we we would like to imagine. Knowing something as simple as Control+Shift+T reopens closed tabs could literally be life changing to someone.
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Cryptocurrency faucet freebitcoin it's all in the name free bitcoin what is a better way to learn about how to use Cryptocurrency. Anyone who uses my referral will get 10% of all referral claims and first 10 get 50 Satoshi from me as a thanks.

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Clever kid finds out a way to get free bitcoin to buy stuff

This kid is clever he found out how to get some free bitcoin using bitcoin faucets and uses the bitcoin to buy stuff! enjoy the video. Keep in mind he isnt making a ton of Bitcoin but the idea is still cool for a teenager thats not old enough to work so he just saves up bitcoin from faucets overtime to buy stuff instead of asking parents for an allowance. #Bitcoin
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Crypto Faucet I use to store my mined bitcoin on, with 4.08% APR paid daily with accounts over 30k satoshi. Referral link included, I share 50% commissions with my referrals paid every Sunday if you're interested.

My referral link for the aforementioned FREEBITCO.IN:
I have cross referenced this post on my site:
Why should you sign on with me? I'm not a one off, you can reach me personally through DM or post comments. I've done most of the leg work, alleviating the trial and error process. Just follow the steps in this guide specifically in sections 7️⃣, 8️⃣, and 9️⃣.
I share 50% commissions, get a kick back on everything you earn weekly.
I trust this site, and personally have 270$ worth of bitcoin in one account with almost 500$ total including two other accounts.
Coming from Cointiply? Well, as a heads up, you're not actually holding any BTC. I suggest what you earn you HODL in FREEBITCO.IN.
Just some abbreviation and terminology explanation before we start for those unfamiliar.
USD=US Dollar
Click here Bitcoin price history, past and present
FREEBITCO.IN can be accessed from any device with internet.
Using a VPN or a TOR is now allowed given that your account achieves certain criteria similar to a captcha free account requirements.
🛑WARNING: FREEBITCO.IN wipes inactive accounts after a certain period! If you lose interest, withdraw your BTC!
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPad, iPhone) are restrictive. The only way to access is via website, as BitBot isn't available.📝
FREEBITCO.IN is what's called a "faucet", a site that gives a small steady stream of crypto which FREEBITCO.IN does through hourly rolls and interest accrual.
FREEBITCO.IN also hosts other means to win or earn crypto, you can gamble with Multiplier, or bet on world evens and crypto prices.
After your account reaches 30k Satoshi, you begin to collect interest. The site also offers lifetime referral commissions, explained later in this guide.
All you need to start is an email. You can add more verification options for security later on. I would highly suggest it. Use a junk email though.
2FA and MFA are strongly suggested. A password should be 15 characters long. I suggest Google Authenticator for your 2FA needs.
I know you can definitely access this site from Brave Browser with add blockers enabled. I'm sure it will work with others. Even without an ad blockers, they only advertise their site gambling and games, no 3rd party adds that I've seen. It's not too invasive or spammy either.
This post is both an advertising platform I use, and a guide I've made to help those interested to automate and optimize earnings.
For those of a cautious mindset, I've uploaded all of FREEBITCO.IN's information on interest accrual, security, and proof of mining on Imgur, in case you're worried about visiting the site.
Transparent link here: Interest accrual structure and FREEBITCO.IN security.
My referral link:
So at this point, with hourly claims and daily interest, I'm bringing in roughly 8978 Satoshi (or .70$ USD with BTC at 7804$ USD) daily at full optimization on one account, and two other self referred accounts without lifting a finger. This is before the fact that a hourly roll (claim) can reward up to a max of 200$ USD worth of BTC (percentages in section 5️⃣).
They also have a weekly lotto (tickets awarded with every roll and referral roll) with the last 1st place winner receiving .32769156 BTC (2587$ USD at current bitcoin price).
This is also not including my current commissions on accounts not owned by me. In this post I will describe some of my strategies I've incorporated, and some insight into how this website works.
To offload or withdraw bitcoin, you're going to need what is called a "wallet". I personally use Coinbase (available on mobile or desktop) as you can sell it through here as well and easily move money to Paypal or a bank.
If you are already on FREEBITCO.IN, do you have someone who referred you? Do they share commissions? If not, why not make a new account and join me, where you'll get a return on everything you earn.
As you can see, large affiliate groups don't share anything, hoarding hundreds of thousands worth of BTC earned off their referrals
I share 50% of my commissions. I get 50% of your roll rewards, 25% of your interest, and 0.4% of your wagers. All of this is paid out by FREEBITCO.IN as a commission, so it's not pulled from your rewards or held BTC.
So the more you're active, the more you'll receive from me weekly (being active is doing anything that I get commissions from). IMPORTANT: Your (and all referrals) shares are based on activity, so if you are inactive for the week, you get a lower % for that week. If you're the most active of my referrals you get a higher percentage of what I share. This is to incentivize being active and to stop people from getting a cut without doing anything.
If you have FREEBITCO.IN automated, you don't have to worry about this. However, having a larger bankroll to earn interest, or playing Multiply BTC (I do not suggest playing unless doing so to meet auto roll requirements) will increase can your activity further.
Commission Structure
Here is some proof, I've actually shared about 2/3 of all commissions
Commissions update 12 January 2020
Here is a proof of Payment section per individual
📝NOTE: I've noticed when I was creating the images of commission sharing that the "RECENT" blocks are showing zero. If you look at totals from the first image, you can tell I'm actively sharing with all of my referrals.📝
Join my team FREEBITCO.IN
You can earn AT LEAST .00000552 BTC (.048$) daily when automated (or claiming every hour on the hour) before bonuses (like using reward points to increase rewards 1000%). After some testing, it seems that this amount will always be about .048$ worth of BTC, base claim rewards no bonus active.
After .00030000 BTC, you accrue compounding interest at a rate of 4.08% APR, paid daily. As soon as your daily interest is accredited, it too starts earning interest. The daily interest rate comes out to ~0.011% of your total held BTC.
FREEBITCO.IN gives you a roll once every hour, free
📝NOTE: Roll rewards fluctuate inversely with BTC price. BTC goes down, roll rewards go up, vice versa. The BTC rewards USD value will be extremely close to the values represented below.📝
Current rewards and probability with every hourly roll.
(.002$) -> 98.85%
(.02$) -> 1.00%
(.20$) -> .08%
(2.00$) -> .04%
(20$) -> .02%
(200$) -> .01%
UPDATE: I decided to do some research after some odd outcomes when extensively testing some of my Multiplier strats. Turns out FREEBITCO.IN does indeed have a house advantage that isn't too transparent. Longer sessions are almost always going to come out negative. If you still plan on playing, do short sessions, once daily max, with lower amounts.
There are a couple methods to play the Multiplier with a reduced risk (but still a risk) here as well. I would suggest small play sessions.
My preferred settings for AUTOROLL on MULTIPLY that I've had the best success rate with to date. (preferably with .00005000 in ACCT for best results)
BET: Minimum
ROLLS: (doesn't matter, 100)
BET ON: alternate
STOP BETTING PROFIT: .00000050, important as the bets will get exponentially higher with every loss. Win in small increments.
STOP BETTING LOSS: Set a loss limit if you want, I have mine set to .00001 and haven't reached it
ON WIN: select increase bet 0%
ON LOSS: select increase bet 65%
Here is a pic of the settings
Anything else doesn't matter. Make sure the boxes are checked for the above options.
With this strat, I've won positive on one account, about .000077 BTC, and I've only played 5 or 6 times, at less than 2-3 minutes of play time a session.
Good for accounts with a low balance. I've had a surprising amount of luck with this method, enough so that I thought I'd post it here with an update. This could work well for accounts with less than 1k Satoshi, as a losing streak wouldn't be a huge loss. For this strat, you should have at least 189 Satoshi in your account.
BET: Minimum amount
ODDS/WIN CHANCE: 189 or %0.5
ROLLS: 189 (remains the same no matter if you bet more)
BET ON: High or Low, but not Alternate.
STOP BETTING ON PROFIT: Minimum amount, once again, you want continuous small wins
UPDATE: Conducting more tests for viability
I played these settings 10 times, I came out positive 8/10 times. In the end I was positive 433 Satoshi total with selecting "hi".
On selecting "low" I went positive 5/10 losing 525 Satoshi.
On selecting "hi" and betting 10 Satoshi, I went positive 3/10 times losing 9708 Satoshi.
On selecting "high" and betting 100 Satoshi, I never went positive, 0/10. Losing 189000 Satoshi (~15$ USD).
There does seem to be a pattern of losing more when betting more. Like anything gambling, there's probably a house advantage that's not too transparent.
Win small lose small.
Pic of these settings
Another strategy I've tried is betting most of my balance once occasionally with a 94.06% chance of winning. This is, eh, alright to risk OCCASIONALLY, but a loss would set you back more than you ever made using this strategy, which happened to me, I lost about 40 USD worth of BTC after making maybe 5 USD.
Playing this in auto roll, out of 20 rolls I'd always lose at least once, putting me into the negative. Even with 10 rolls, I'd more often then not lose at least once.
Pic of these settings
There are other strats out there, such as the "Martingale", which is essentially doubling the bet amount every loss, then resetting your bet to minimum after a win to in theory "win back what you lost". At 47.5% odds of winning, I've had loss streaks that would drain my account.
My summary for Multiply, use sparingly. Don't use it as your primary means of earning. Use once or twice daily, limit play sessions to 5 minutes max.
📝NOTE: FREEBITCO.IN captcha requirements seem to be tiered, with requirements for Captcha free upscaling when you BTC holding passes a certain threshold.
I'm currently testing, as is another team member (Shout out to u/SrExtreme69) , what exactly these thresholds, if holding at these thresholds increases the length of Captcha free rolls, and at what amount does FREEBITCO.IN no longer require these to be met.📝
📝NOTE: To start automating, remember to verify email and setup 2FA or the Captcha will still appear even if your account meets Captcha free requirements. Check the site occasionally as Captcha free roll requirements can change. After certain held BTC amount you don't need to renew your requirements. I haven't had to achieve new requirements in over a month.📝
📝NOTE: You may need to manually roll for a bit until the the ability to achieve a Captcha free account becomes available. It doesn't show at first.📝
📝NOTE: It's very difficult, if not impossible to automate on iOS devices.
First of all, getting to this point can be a grind, but once achieved you'll have a steady flow of BTC with options to increase earnings through rewards claims using RP. I would suggest going to your PROFILE tab on FREEBITCO.IN and disabling lottery to increase RP production when starting out. Using other apps or resources to supplement income is a good idea as well.
On the FREE BTC page, there is a blue text hyperlink with requirements that need to be met to make your account captcha free, thus allowing you to enable autoroll on extensions or apps. It has multiple ways to achieve this and they can change, so if your autoroll has stopped, check to see if these requirements have changed.
Here are the requirements. (Amounts vary)
It seems only two of these requirements need to be met.
The less risky and easiest method is to buy lottery tickets and bet with jackpots on. Even better is depositing bitcoin if you have that amount.
The POSSIBLY least expensive method is to bet both regularly and with Jackpots enabled on MULTIPLY (for higher amounts required, IMO Multiplier strat #3 works best)
For computers
I would suggest using Firefox, as you can add functions and tools to your bar up top. One of the being a "auto roll" for FREEBITCO.IN, still requires a "captcha free" account. Turn it on and let go, check it occasionally to make sure its still going.
Autoroll firefox add-on link
My link again for ease of access
Not my preferred method, but good for a second account, as using a computer means devoting more attention to FREEBITCO.IN in an inconvenient manner if you are just starting out. After Captcha has been removed, this becomes more hands free, but not as profitable as using bitbot, as you can't autoclaim RP rewards.
I haven't tried many methods besides using Firefox addons, as I'm wary of sources or intent when it comes to 3rd party scripts or programs. If I find any trustworthy scripts or programs, I will update here.
For Mobile
📝NOTE: iOS devices (iPhone, iPad) do not have access to BitBot, nor do they allow extensions/add-ons on their browsers. I have not personally found a way around this. You may still access the site and manually roll.📝
I use BitBot. This is the best place to start from IMO. You can set it to notify you of rolls and gives direct access to the site from the app (you can also access the site from any device with internet). Once your account is "captcha free" you can set it to auto roll AND automatically claim rewards every 24 hours (RP increase, BTC increase, Lottery ticket Increase).
📝NOTE: Bitbot allows auto roll from the app for accounts over 500 RP. This isn't permanent, as it uses your RP. You'll need to log onto the website through a browser to achieve captch free account requirements, which Bitbot does recognize, which allow completely free rolls.📝
📝NOTE: Accessing FREEBITCO.IN through BitBot doesn't allow access to the Hi-Lo or betting games.📝
Bitbot optimization
I started manual claims by setting roll notifications to "ON" for a while until I supplemented my BTC in FREEBITCO.IN with what I was collecting from my miner and CryptoTab. Once I was able to AUTOMATE and I had enough RP to claim the RP BONUS, I set it to do that automatically every 24 hours as this nets more RP than you spend (EG, 100 RP roll bonus costs 1200 RP, but can net 2400 RP if claimed every hour). Eventually you accrue enough RP to claim the %1000 BTC bonus, probably at a rate of once or twice a week.
My current BitBot settings now that its auto claiming, I have the 24 hour auto bonus claiming 100 RP roll bonus and 100% claim bonus, spending a total of 1520 RP, but I'm making 2400 RP with the RP bonus, leaving me 780 RP in the positive each day. Every now and then I'll stop the auto bonus claim so I can buy the 1000% claim bonus (3200 RP). So on a normal day I'll make about 1344 Satoshi. Bitbot auto bonus settings
Once your accrue more referrals, or save enough RP, it's possible to claim the 1000% BTC roll bonus multiple days in a row. This is just about as optimal as you can get for auto rolling.
Self Referrals
If you have two devices (phone and computer preferably) you can make two accounts as long as one uses a different wifi or internet connection, as the roll rewards tracks IP addresses for roll counts. So if you have 2 devices on the same network, it sudo links accounts, so if you roll on one, it restarts the timer on the other. This allows you to collect referral rewards from yourself. Effectively adding 25% of interest and 50% roll rewards.
I currently have a phone autorolling on BitBot with a computer autorolling on Firefox with a tool to roll automatically as long as the page remains open. My computer account is referred from my mobile account, and is currently bringing in an extra .000015+ BTC weekly (currently, total will be this Sunday and I will update).
I've also made another account on my partners phone, linked it with bitbot and got it auto-rolling. Once bitbot is going, its non-invasive and you can silence notifications, it also uses minimal data.
Supplementing with CryptoTab
I'll use CryptoTab on my computer 24/7 to earn BTC from that while I have FREEBITCO.IN running. I also have it running on my phone at night when I sleep and on an iPad I have that I don't use much, its server mining, so no worries about battery on mobile devices. On computers it does actually use your processing power. You can directly deposit into you FREEBITCO.IN accounts.
CryptoTab Link
I've used it for two weeks and have earned a total of .000454 BTC (3.60$ USD). Not huge, but enough to start collecting interest on FREEBITCO.IN and to get the capthca free account requirements.
Supplementing with Cointiply
🛑WARNING: Cointiply's main currency is the constant, weighted against the dollar (10,000 coin/1USD). This means your actually BTC holdings will fluctuate with BTC's price.
For this reason, it's my strong opinion that DON'T HODL in Cointiply as you're not holding actual BTC.🛑
Cointiply is a great site to earn decent amounts of COIN which translate to SAT's. Earn coin, withdraw to FREEBITCO.IN (as you actually hold BTC in cointiply).
I also use an ASIC miner (Antminer s9i, DIY liquid cooled and overclocked with BixBit firmware), and whatever I earn I'll put that into FREEBITCO.IN to collect interest. If you want, I may be willing to do a rental.
📝NOTE: Since this faucet has been around a while, many people privy to sites such as this are already signed up. So getting referrals can be a slog. My tips for your ads is be genuine and don't hard sell or post "too good to be true" sensational ads.📝
This is another faucet. Its structure is a bit different from FREEBITCO.IN, as you complete offers to earn coin. Within this site (also an app) users can earn coins by doing PTC ads (and other offers), this is a good method to get exposure as you can advertise as well. Using this method my traffic for last week as about 800 people.
13000 coins buys about 1000 "clicks" on your ads. They also have options to advertise to people based on location (these options will increase or decrease cost). After your first ad, you usually get a 10% off coupon good for 7 days as well.
You can earn this amount within a day doing surveys on Theorem. I've done surveys before, and this has to be one of the best surveys sights I've ever done. Very rarely do I get kicked out mid survey, and if I do, I still get partial pay.
I will also use "Hideout" on my computer and leave it running. It has to be the open tab on your browser, with the browser open, not minimized. Let it go and check it occasionally as it has a timeout at roughly 2-3 hrs idle. As of now this is the best passive method of earning on Cointiply.
Pi Network, an ICO (Initial coin offering) based on trust and social media is another good medium for advertising. I will usually see 15-20 people click on my link with 2-4 ads posted per day.
Just go to "chat", select "random" and post an ad in the chat channel. No charge.
My tip, keep your ads short to medium in length, don't spam.
This is another crypto earned through "geo-mining". On the "coin" app you can do a "geodrop" where you can leave a note. Just click on the box with a parachute icon, select "any" on the "Tile" selection. Leave your ad in the "note" section.
It costs 10 "COIN" at the very least to do a "geodrop". This method may not be worth it if you aren't already involved in the program. To earn a substantial amount of coin, you'll need a subscription or a "sentinel". Sentinels can actually be purchased for under 20$ nowadays (depending on site) and is the best option to earn. Without these you'll only make approx .05-.18 coin every 30 seconds if you're actively moving.
My tips if you plan on advertising on this platform, once again keep it short, and only advertise around 7-9am and 4-6pm, as this will be peak mining hours with people driving to and from work.
My FREEBITCO.IN Referral Link
What is a Satoshi?
Bitcoins price through Coingecko
CryptoTab Link
Autoroll on Firefox
Coinbase Link
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03-26 11:22 - '"sending them to someone" / Do you mean you are buying stuff online or just sending to a friend? / Ask for a discount, or you will lose big time, using FIAT to get small amounts of Bitcoin is a mess, you would be better of...' by /u/RageTester removed from /r/Bitcoin within 405-410min

"sending them to someone"
Do you mean you are buying stuff online or just sending to a friend?
Ask for a discount, or you will lose big time, using FIAT to get small amounts of Bitcoin is a mess, you would be better off using bitcoin faucets on the: [link]1
But it can take hours to earn those 42k satoshi you are short... [link]2
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I live in Mexico and want to buy some bitcoins.

Hi, the problem I have is that I haven't found any trusty source I can use to buy bitcoin. Is there any international service I can use to buy some bitcoin?, I just want to invest a very small amount. like $40, I already have a account on Coinbase. Also I am currently using bitcoin faucets but I think they aren't going to help very much. Thanks in advance.
One more thing, is there a service like Fiverr, in which I can exchange services online, in exchange of bitcoins?
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What are Bitcoin Faucets?

What are Bitcoin Faucets?
Bitcoin faucets are reward systems which are in the form of a website or app. The process involves the dispensing of rewards at predetermined intervals of time. Individuals are rewarded for completing a captcha or any other tasks described on the website and can win prizes for games like “Bitcoin fidget spinner”. Individuals can claim fractions of Bitcoin as rewards, and need to wait a certain amount of time between winning more free bitcoin.
Why Bitcoin Faucets?
Faucet websites strategically attract many visitors through the incentive to win “rewards”. Most of the faucet websites and apps offer Bitcoins as rewards in the form of Satoshi. One Satoshi is a hundredth of a million Bitcoin (BTC), which is 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 ฿. In turn, these websites display advertisements provided by advertisers who are paying the faucet owners to display ads on their websites. The reward system prompts visitors to return to the faucet website to spend time effectively earning Satoshi rewards. When visitors click the advertisements which are on display, faucet owners can generate high revenues.
Who uses Bitcoin Faucets?
Bitcoin faucet is a platform for many novice users who are willing to learn about bitcoin and who would like to spend extra time on these websites and apps to claim rewards.
How are Bitcoin Faucets websites and apps handing out free Bitcoins?
Bitcoin faucet websites are giving away free Bitcoins for the following reasons:
  1. People learn about Bitcoin
  2. People earn from Bitcoin
The business model of a bitcoin faucet is very simple; visitors visit the site and provide their bitcoin wallet address or email id that is associated with a wallet. Timers on these websites track the time spent by each visitor on the faucet website and after a certain period of time, the visitor is entitled to a reward. Filling out a captcha or solving a simple math puzzle is then required to claim the reward. This reward is credited to the wallet immediately or on a designated weekly payout day.
Both the faucet visitor and the faucet owner are paid for watching and posting ads respectively – most of these websites have an enormous quantity of ads posted on the web pages. To prevent one person from claiming all the rewards, faucets fix a time interval between 5 minutes and 24 hours between each visit. If someone claims over 120 times in 24 hours, he or she will be banned forever from logging into the website and getting payouts.
However, several deceitful faucets deliberately place ads such that an individual would accidentally click an ad instead of “claim bitcoins” button. This type of business model is attracting cheap traffic and driving them to click on these ads.
“Cheap” traffic gets generated from a referral system. Bitcoin faucets allow visitors to earn a percentage of the Bitcoins and the remaining is granted to visitors who have joined through a referral system. The generating of more traffic with this method is a thriving industry and has enabled the creation of a contemporary website known as “The Bitcoin Faucet Rotator”.
A faucet rotator is a website that allows a visitor to quickly surf through various faucets available without opening a new tab or a new site for each ad. Rotator, at a quick pace, helps individuals to visit every paying faucet to save time as some of the ads gets refreshed frequently.
You might think by visiting faucets that you could make a lot of money but keep in mind that it’s not a realistic choice. After hours of work, moving from website to website, you might end up with only a few bucks. Even after 24 hours of work, anyone who claims a new batch of coins every 30 seconds and plays faucets that are paying 10,000 Satoshis (which practically don’t exist), would be making 0.0024 Bitcoins on that day. That amounts to only 70 cents. However, someone who owns a faucet possibly could generate decent revenue but the website would need a lot of traffic to be sustainable.
Faucets are the most popular websites to help new users learn about Bitcoin while earning some Bitcoin. It is always worth being extra cautious when signing up to a faucet website. As a lot of these website owners provide many services such as, wallet hacking, account trading, and/or the cloud mining of miners can occur so one needs to be cautious when choosing passwords for the websites.
The source of this article: CryptoCurrency News
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I'm Making Good Money with Coin Pot using Faucets its free no investment! Safe Investment! A bot that automatically collects bitcoins from faucets 2019 How to Make Money with Bitcoin Faucets (in less than 30 ... How To Earn Satoshi Fast? Top Bitcoin Faucets To Try! SECRET OF USING THE FREEBITCO.IN FAUCET PART1

Using Bitcoin Faucets. There are several of bitcoin faucets online. A simple search on Google will give you thousands of results. Using a bitcoin faucet is simple. You just have to sign up with an email address and a wallet address and you are ready to go. A timer is there to count the time you spend on the site. After a certain interval, you will have a chance to claim your rewards. BitFun is ... Bitcoin faucets are a very popular theme within the various crypto communities around the world. They receive both a lot of praise and backlash.Some people love them, others think that they are nothing more than a scam. Well, in this guide we are going to try to find out not only which group is right, but also look for the best Bitcoin faucet available - assuming that it’s legit, of course. Bitcoin faucets are an easy and effective way to earn free satoshi in small amounts. You can earn by viewing ads too, this is a fun and easy way to get crypto without too much effort. There are many other ways to earn bitcoin, like surveys, crypto exchanges, etc. Be careful with cloud mining sites, as the majority of this type of websites are SCAM. Bitcoin faucets remain the easiest and best ... Bitcoin Faucets in one Lucrative Crypto Faucet List. Earn Free Bitcoin from many BitCoin Faucet List 2020. If you do not have a cryptocurrencies wallet yet, you can install one of the best desktop crypto wallet by clicking the link below. Coinomi Wallet > So, Now is good time to earn extra bitcoin satoshi from best bitcoin faucets that You'll find on the list of BTC faucets. You've certainly ... The main things that changes since then is that you can’t use Adsense ads on Bitcoin faucets and the price of Bitcoin has increased dramatically making it much harder to generate a profit. Whenever there are relevant updates I have added them throughout the post. Before I begin I just want to say that my experience of running a Bitcoin faucet isn’t vast. I’ve started 99BItcoins’ faucet ...

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I'm Making Good Money with Coin Pot using Faucets its free no investment! Safe Investment!

Easy Ways to Earn Money Using Bitcoins Bitcoin Faucets - Duration: 3:46. WeTheCryptos 17,866 views. 3:46. Earn $500 By Typing Names Online! Available Worldwide (Make Money Online) - Duration: 16:16. Today I am showing you all of the high paying faucets that you can use with your coin pot account!! Links Moon Bitcoin - Moon Litecoin - Moon Dogecoin ... Week 2 Update On using faucets and altcoins to grow my portfolio without any money involved! Follow the links below to get started if you want to get involved in bitcoin without any money! 1. Sign ... IMPORTANT! FaucetBox is no longer operational. You can use FaucetHub instead. For the complete text guide visit: Join our 7-day Bitcoin... The Only Bitcoin Faucet That Pays Out Satoshi, THROUGH COINBASE This is the only true way that I have found to get Bitcoin through android apps.