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Don't give /u/kenCode any of your money.

tl;dr: I'm a fiat bankster ISP shill who wants to stop you from revolutionizing the Internet.
kenCode has been advertising his 'ePlug' thing basically all over the place lately, both here and on various 'decentralization'-themed reddits. You shouldn't give him any of your money.
Why not? Well, first let's look at what he's claimed: he's going to create the first 'Blockchain Operating System'. What does that mean? That's the thing; he's not really clear on it. The whitepaper makes a bunch of vague promises like that adding 10% more processors will give you 10% more computing power (because Amdahl's law doesn't exist), but one of the things he does heavily imply is that hacking Factom Linux would require 'hacking the blockchain':
The intent of this page is to explain the Factom Linux part of the ePlug project, not go into all the details of how Blockchains work. Let’s just put it this way: If you can hack a Blockchain, I’m sure the NSA will hire you.
This is patently false. Heartbleed didn't require someone to break RSA or anything, it was a vulnerability in OpenSSL itself. Same for Shellshock and a good deal of other attacks; the cryptography itself can be entirely worked around. As a silly example, if I was running a process as root that let anybody connect remotely execute any command, my computer would get owned regardless of how many times I say the word 'blockchain'. There have been attacks against routers that relied on the router's web interface not having any XSRF protection, so just visiting an attacker-controlled page would cause your browser to send a request to the router resetting the password, at which point the attacker could connect to it and own you. Security isn't just about running the code you think you're running.
A BOS supports a single global file system visible from all authenticated nodes (ePlugs, mobile clients, pc’s, etc).
So... the entire filesystem is sharded across the network? What about temporary files? Is it going to spam the network every time it needs to write to a log file? What about procfs? Why would you need to put all your local configuration files 'on a blockchain'? See this thread, where he shows that he doesn't understand what a stack is and so has no business being anywhere near operating system design.
The convenience of having a single global name space is obvious
No... not really. If I can read other people's files then that's a massive security vulnerability, obviously. If I can't then why are they in my namespace?
Factom provides the ability to use the Blockchain as a verification and validation service to insure that every component of the BOS is tracked, tested, and installed correctly. Factom provides the ability to identify issues, and distribute secure updates.
This is the one part that isn't completely dumb. Signing updates is a good idea, and storing signatures someplace where timestamps can't be easily forged (i.e., a blockchain) is good so that if the signing material gets compromised you can still go back to a known good version, as long as you can establish some date where the signing material was still secure.
Moving on: in this pdf he claims that ePlugs will entirely replace ISPs. He fails to establish how ISPs wouldn't be able to use their massive fiber infrastructure to maintain dominant network positions, or how to cross large gaps such as, I don't know, an ocean.
There's also this post on /darknetplan which goes into the hardware issues (getting a wifi antenna powerful enough to reach your neighbor isn't easy, and 'smart home' sensors are a massive security issue). The money quote here is this:
Existing IoT devices have proven themselves to be even more hackable, they don't use any blockchain technology whatsoever
Yes. Because buffer overflows, XSRF, side-channel attacks, everything can be stopped if you click your heels and say 'I do believe in blockchains, I do, I do!'
And finally, there's this page alleging that he's been involved in several other scams targeting the 'survivalist' market, which was found by mrchaddavis. If you click that second link you'll see evidence it's the same person: both the scam page and Ken's project page mention Line9 LLC and tek9.asp.
(Why did I make this its own post? Partly because I've seen him advertise his 'ePlug' before, partly because I'm bored as hell, and partly for that sweet sweet self-post karma.)
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Factom Linux - The World's first Blockchain Operating System (BOS)

this is from a post on /bitcoin here
[quote]We love Debian, but the ePlug (Meshnet + Crypto + Distributed Computing) only needs a super-tiny, crypto-secured OS, one that is constantly penetration-testing itself and is self-healing. The IoT is very insecure right now and I want to help fix that, one that cannot be controlled by any corporation or other malicious central entity...
I would like to gather your thoughts on this BOS project. I have written up a preliminary Whitepaper, along with some assistance on it from the Team at Factom. Please take a look and let me know your thoughts here on Reddit, thank you :)
Thank You! ken Code [/quote]
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