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wafflepool.com - An auto switching scrypt coin mining pool

WafflePool is a multi-coin (scrypt) mining pool. Point your miner to WafflePool with a Bitcoin address as your username, and we take care of automatically mining the most profitable coin at all times, converting the earnings from each coin into Bitcoins, and paying you out in bitcoins! Mining alt-coins and converting to bitcoin is very often orders of magnitude more valuable than mining Bitcoin directly! No registration, no hassles, just point and start getting paid!

Hirocoin (HIRO) New home of GPU miners, X11 hashing algorithm

Soon Scrypt coins will only be mined by those in invest heavily. Hirocoin uses the X11 hashing solution by Evan Duffield. Creating an ASIC for X11 is going to be very complex making Hirocoin an ideal home for GPU miners.

Bitcoin Mining Forums: Turning Computers Into Cash Since 2011

The official bitcoin mining forum / subreddit / chat room / place to be!

Anyone heard of a CPU/GPU Bitcoin Miner Virus?

Im a firm believer in trying before buying which often results in biting me in the arse through cracked games etc, recently installed a game and ended up getting a trojan/ CPU/GPU miner virus embedded into my system. Anyone heard of these before? required registry editing and alot of sensitive editing and a reformat. Just wanting others input on this. Side Note--It was a fileless application to an extent but ran under the disguise of Skype
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Bitcoin mentioned around Reddit: Anyone heard of a CPU/GPU Bitcoin Miner Virus? /r/hacking

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Bitcoin miner virus making my gpu use vram doing nothing?

My 3080 is using like 9501 vram at all time doing nothing on desktop. My idle temps are now 140 f when they were at 30 help, i have tried doing malewarebytes rogue killer, rkill, adwcleaner and nothing, still persist.
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Is It Safe To Buy Used GPU Cards From Bitcoin Miners?

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Is It Safe To Buy Used GPU Cards From Bitcoin Miners?

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Bitcoin Gold a Shitcoin Vulnerable to Attack Despite $200 Million Market Cap

Bitcoin Gold a Shitcoin Vulnerable to Attack Despite $200 Million Market Cap

The War On Shitcoins Episode 1: Bitcoin Gold (BTG). The war on shitcoins is a Crypto.IQ series that targets and shoots down cryptocurrencies that are not worth investing in either due to their being scams, having serious design flaws, being centralized, or in general just being worthless copies of other cryptocurrencies. There are thousands of shitcoins that are ruining the markets, and Crypto.IQ intends to expose all of them. The crypto space needs an exorcism, and we are happy to provide it.
There are more than 2,000 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap, and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) is near the top at number 25 with a market cap of $207 million. This would seem to indicate that Bitcoin Gold is a major cryptocurrency, but it is simply a copycat of Bitcoin with one key and debilitating difference that makes it worse than Bitcoin. Bitcoin Gold is designed to block ASIC miners, leaving only GPU miners.
The idea was that GPU miners would rally around Bitcoin Gold since GPU Bitcoin miners were disenfranchised by ASIC miners years ago. Ultimately, this decision to only allow GPUs resulted in such a low mining hash rate that Bitcoin Gold is vulnerable to 51 percent attacks, and a serious 51 percent attack has already happened once. Further, Bitcoin Gold has had centralization problems from the very beginning.
When Bitcoin Gold launched in November 2017 the developers did a massive premine of 8,000 blocks, which yielded them about 100,000 BTG. At today’s price $12 this is $1.2 million, and when BTG’s price peaked near $500, this was $50 million. This premine is unfair to other BTG miners, traders, and investors. Supposedly, the premined BTG were placed in an “endowment,” which means the developers will receive all of that money eventually, just not all at once. There is no way to verify if this is even true, however, and the excessive 97 percent BTG price crash since January 2018 might be partially due to developers dumping their coins.
A far more serious issue than the premine is BTG’s lack of network security. BTG made mining ASIC resistant by using the Equishash Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm. However, ASICs were eventually developed for Equihash since ASICs can be developed for any PoW algorithm. In May 2018 a 51 percent double spend attack occurred on the Bitcoin Gold network, and a hacker stole $18.6 million from cryptocurrency exchanges that listed BTG. This caused the developers to hard fork in order to implement a newer version of Equihash that is supposedly more ASIC resistant. Clearly, the developers did not learn their lesson that there is no ASIC-resistant PoW algorithm. If Bitcoin Gold became valuable enough, someone would produce an ASIC for it.
It is unclear if Equihash ASICs were the reason for the 51 percent attack, since an attacker could literally just rent some hash rate on a cloud mining site and successfully 51 percent attack Bitcoin Gold. Currently it only takes 1.6 MH/s of rented mining power to successfully perform a double spend attack on the Bitcoin Gold network, and this costs about $1,000 per hour if the hash rate is rented from NiceHash.
Effectively, Bitcoin Gold is not cryptographically secure. The original purpose of banning ASIC miners so that GPU miners could thrive ended up being a fatal flaw for Bitcoin Gold. It is ridiculous that major exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex still offer BTG trading. This is a true disservice to the users of these exchanges and is a risk for the exchanges themselves.
Crypto users need to educate themselves thoroughly before buying any cryptocurrency, or they could end up buying a shitcoin like Bitcoin Gold just because it has a high ranking on CoinMarketCap. BTG has already lost 97 percent of its value since January 2018, and there is strong potential for it to become completely worthless once someone decides to rent some hash power and perform a vicious 51 percent attack.
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Claymore Miner recognizes Window Remote Desktop Adapter as one single GPU!! (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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Is It Safe To Buy Used GPU Cards From Bitcoin Miners?

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Working in a MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm | Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU Miners

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Why Litecoin is Set to Skyrocket

*TL;DR Miner migration to litecoin, litecoin's similarity to proven bitcoin, relatively low market cap, Mt. Gox's API's will soon support litecoin, and litecoin's utility as a very liquid form of money is set to cause litecoin's price to skyrocket. *
Read more at http://zamicol.blogspot.com/2013/04/why-i-think-litecoin-is-set-to.html
Market Cap
With 333201 blocks mined, and 50 litecoins per block, there is currently 16,660,050 litecoins in circulation. The current market price of $2 USD gives Litecoin a market cap of over $33 million.
This may sound like a lot, but considering that after the “crash” of the past couple of days, Bitcoin’s market cap about $1,157 million USD with the current market price of $98 USD. If litecoin had the market cap of bitcoin, each litecoin would be worth over $69.
Granted, this may not be a fair comparison, since in litecoin’s youth it has not experienced the same proportion of inflation as it’s older brother. While bitcoin is already over its halfway mark to generating its limit of 21 million bitcoins, litecoin is much younger and has not reached the halfway point to its limit of 84 million litcoin. If we factor in that there will be four times as many litecoins as bitcoins, each one of the 84 million litecoins would still be worth over $13 if litecoin had the bitcoin’s market cap.
Litecoin Mining Difficulty
A while back, my ears perked up at the prospects of litecoin because of a new technology is set to give the market a good shaking.
As anticipated, the increase of difficulty of Bitcoin is causing traditional miners to look for more profitable outlets for their existing infrastructure. Hundreds of ASIC miners are now active, which has forced up the difficulty dramatically to an all time high of 7,673,000 with the next difficulty estimated to be near 9,000,000. News of the impending deployment of thousands more is forcing miners to rethink their allocation of existing infrastructure.
Faced with bitcoin’s increasing mining difficulty, GPU Bitcoin miners have three options:
Keep mining bitcoin at a potential loss as electricity costs become much greater than the return on mining. Turn off their miners and sell or retire their hardware. Look for more profitable applications for their existing infrastructure, such as litecoin.
This is where the power of litecoin is very apparent. Due to it’s use of the memory intense scrypt algorithm, dedicated litecoin hardware like ASIC miners are not anticipated in the near future, giving GPU miners a window of opportunity for profit. Switching their GPU hardware from bitcoin to litecoin is only a matter of installing a new mining application and can be done with little configuration. The logical choice for most bitcoin miners will be to move their power to the litecoin network.
In the short time I have been litecoin mining, I have seen the difficulty rise over 600%, meaning that there is six times more computing power dedicated to litecoin in only the past few months. This indicates that many miners have already made the realization that bitcoin offers them a bleak future and made the switch to litecoin. As these miners transition their hardware, litecoin’s mind share will increase, and it shouldn’t be a quickly passing event. Miners can take confidence in litecoin knowing that their infrastructure will be valuable for the foreseeable future, and this confidence is bound to poor over into the market price of litecoin.
As an early bitcoin miner, I remember the supply of ATI 5870’s graphic cards quickly becoming unavailable as individuals bought up supply for use in bitcoin mining. This infrastructure still exists and it will not go to waste.
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bitcoin-digi.com - Bitcoin News - Need Help With Site Direction For Bitcoin

Hey guys,
I am making a new website called bitcoin-digi.com were we can all discuss about bitcoin,bitcoin price,bitcoin news,bitcoin value and a converter to for bitcoin to usd.
I was thinking about having live bitcoin price updates which I have already posted. Along with allot of great information about the antminer s9 and any other s9 bitcoin miners.
I think if we call can input real bitcoin news we can come to a bitcoin value reality with discussion.
I also want to create a discussion board about any new ASIC bitcoin miners or GPU bitcoin miners coming to market and talk about bitcoin mining.
I also have youtube videos for antminer s9 setups and will incorporate videos about the a3 antminer setup for antminer a3 whatever we want to call it =)
I really appreciate and good advice on what else to add to the site to help others.
The site is: http://bitcoin-digi.com/
Any input is greatly appreciated guys.
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Working in a MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm | Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU Miners

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Working in a MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm | Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU Miners

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Working in a MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm | Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU Miners

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How Bitcoin miners could donate GPU power to fight coronavirus

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Working in a MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm | Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU Miners

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3 Types of Bitcoin Mining Hardware

There are two options for mining Bitcoin: cloud mining and hardware mining. While cloud mining has to do with mining remotely without physical mining equipment, hardware mining comes with the full package. Most people prefer to set up a Bitcoin miner as it is more profitable than cloud mining in some cases. If you want to set up your Bitcoin miner, you need to know that it is expensive and upgraded versions are made now and then.
Types of Bitcoin Mining Hardware
  1. CPU/GPU Bitcoin Miners
Although this was the first type of Bitcoin mining hardware accepted into the mainstream, it is now considered the least powerful. You’d be using the CPU of your computer to mine Bitcoins. By adding GPU hardware to your computer, you will be able to enhance the hash rate. However, the Bitcoin mining difficulty has increased so much that people can hardly make any profit for CPU/GPU mining.
  1. FPGA Bitcoin Miners
FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array. It is a circuit designed for configuration after building. This allows hardware manufacturer to buy chips in volumes and customize the chips for Bitcoin miningbefore installing them into their equipment. The performance of this hardware is far better than that of CPUs and GPUs.
  1. ASIC Bitcoin Miners
Of the three types of Bitcoin miners, ASIC is the best. ASIC stands for Application Specific Integrated Circuits. They are designed specifically for the sole purpose of mining Bitcoins. They are extremely fast and consume relatively low power compared to the others. Although they are expensive, the miming speed of these miners is mind-blowing
SEE ALSO: Will Robinhood overtake Coinbase in cryptocurrency trading (Ethereum and Bitcoin)? How does Robinhood make money? – Tue Apr 17 If you want to set up your Bitcoin mining rig, the best system for you should be the one you can afford and make a profit from. Each miner has advantages and disadvantages. You can use a mining profitability calculator to decide which hardware is best for you.
Legal Disclaimer: The content of this website (smartereum.com) is intended to convey general information only. This website does not provide legal, investment, tax, etc advice. You should not treat any information on smartereum.com as a call to make any particular decision regarding cryptocurrency usage, legal matters, investments, taxes, cryptocurrency mining, exchange usage, wallet usage, initial coin offerings (ICO), etc. We strongly suggest seeking advice from your own financial, investment, tax, or legal adviser. Neither smartereum.com nor its parent companies accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or inconvenience caused as a result of reliance on information published on, or linked to, from smartereum.com.
Bitcoin cloud mining
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Working in a MASSIVE Crypto Mining Farm | Bitcoin, Dash, and GPU Miners

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GPU miners. Why they are needed, but will there be less demand after the halving?
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Bitcoin Miners Help Find a Cure for COVID-19 by Donating GPU Power

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Start Free Bitcoin Mining with the best fast free bitcoin miner | GPU Mining

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Nvidia GPU Bitcoin Mining in Windows CPU MINING 2020 - Who's #1? - YouTube Should YOU be GPU MINING Cryptocurrency in 2020?! - YouTube Earn 2 Bitcoin Auto 100% Free New GPU Bitcoin Mining No ... Best Bitcoin Mining Software That Work in 2020 🍓 - YouTube

Bitcoin Mining Software. Cudo Miner is a multi-algorithm, feature-rich CPU and GPU miner. Earn in the cryptocurrency of your choice. Cudo Miner BETA v1.0. Sign Up and Download . As seen on. Why Use Cudo Miner? Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency mining or are a seasoned pro, Cudo Miner provides you with a simple-to-setup, highly profitable way to mine cryptocurrency, with features unmatched ... In the absence of miners, Bitcoin would still be available and would be available, but no additional Bitcoin would be available. Bitcoin mining will come to an end; According to the Bitcoin Protocol, the number of Bitcoins will be closed at 21 million. In addition to the short-term Bitcoin return, being a miner can give you voting power when changes to the Bitcoin protocol are recommended. In ... Free GPU Bitcoin Mining Software Solution. With Bitcoin, miners use specialist software to solve math problems and are issued a certain number of bitcoins in exchange. Free GPU Bitcoin & Ethereum cloud mining. Start mine daily free BTC and ETH to earn money without hardware. Python/OpenCL GPU miner (GUI (Windows and MacOS X)) - Poclbm-mod-Effizientere Version von Poclbm (GUI). - Pyminer-Erschienen 2011. CPU Mining-Client. - Remote Miner-Open-Source-Bitcoin-Mining-Software für Pool-Mining. Funktioniert mit RPC Miner. - RPC Miner: Windows, Mac : Remote-RPC-Miner - Ufasoft Miner-CPU / GPU Miner für Windows Pooled ... Bitcoin or crypto money mining also performs the task of maintaining the blockchain through computers called miners. To summarize briefly, the co . read more . How Does Bitcoin Mining Work? As it is known, Bitcoin is a digital currency that has gained tremendous momentum in the last few years. You can buy and sell bitcoin from various websites and you can also do bitcoin mining yourself ...

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Nvidia GPU Bitcoin Mining in Windows

In this episode of Crypto Miner Tips, I go over the best GPUs to use for mining cryptocurrency currently. Despite mining profits being subpar now is the best... Link to website with program download: https://minergate.com/a/26081173111db5c10cd7fa1f Trade Crypto: https://hitbtc.com/?ref_id=5a67efbb8dd92 Link to AMD GP... Is GPU mining still worth it? Is GPU mining profitable in 2020?! We review GPU mining profitable and the best graphics cards for mining in 2020 along with CP... No Deposit 2 Bitcoin Auto New GPU Bitcoin Mining 100% Free and Fast withdraw part 2 https://bit.ly/3bB3eTf https://bit.ly/3bK2ihd https://bit.ly/3lPVT8Z http... Discover my UPDATED LIST of the BEST CPU MINEABLE COINS for 2020 along with my SLEEPER PICK! Subscribe for more awesome videos and a chance at Free Bitcoin! ...